Mystery Date (w/guest co-host Britany Sparrow)

The summer hits keep on coming as Brendan discusses the 1991 Ethan Hawke vehicle Mystery Date with guest co-host Britany Sparrow! They talk about the confusing plot that makes zero logical sense, one of the creepiest stalkers in film history (and he’s supposed to be bumbling and charming!), the inclusion of BD Wong, James Hong AND Victor Wong, crazy flower delivery guys and much more.


Next week: Brendan has a guest co-host for a fun romp of a Vietnam War film!


What We’ve Been Watching:

The Company of Wolves

Asteroid City


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Mystery Date stars Ethan Hawke, Teri Polo, Brian McNamara, Fisher Stevens, Tony Rosato, Don S. Davis, Victor Wong, James Hong and BD Wong; directed by Jonathan Wacks.

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