The Legend of La Llorona

There are five Thursdays this month and that means that it’s time for a “Small-Screen Shameful.” This time, the victim is the Danny Trejo vehicle, The Legend of La Llorona. After the guys figure out which La Llorona movie they are supposed to watch (there are so, so many, you guys!), they discuss the stereotypical accents that are heightened beyond believability, the ridiculous cartel subplot, Andrew being an emotionally abusive husband, ghosts that you can shoot and stab and much more.

Next week: time to hand out some awards!

What We’ve Been Watching:


Fled (1996)

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The Legend of La Llorona stars Autumn Reeser, Josh Zaharia, Antonio Cupo, Edgar Wuotto, Angelica Lara and Danny Trejo; directed by Patricia Harris Seeley.

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