Small-Screen Shamefuls: Verotika (w/Galen Howard)

Schlocktober concludes with a Small-Screen Shameful!


For the final week in October, the guys bring back Galen Howard to discuss Glenn Danzig’s magnum opus, Verotika, which has often been described as The Room of horror movies. The guys discuss it all including horrible french accents, the total lack of plot in the final segment, uncomfortable dancing, the art of de-facing and SO MUCH MORE. Plus – coming this fall on NBC: The Genitalist!


The guys also drop a hint for next week’s movie (“Look into my eye”). Check on Facebook or Twitter on Monday for the reveal!


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Check out Deathcember (which will feature Galen!) – coming out on VOD platforms on November 24th.





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Verotika stars Ashley Wisdom, Rachel Alig, Alice Tate, Kayden Kross, Sean Kanan, Kansas Bowling and a cameo by Sean Waltman; directed by Glenn Danzig.

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