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What’s up with the Pentagon and UFOs? (with MJ Banias)

This story starts several years ago when a series of videos were leaked from Defense industry insiders. What made the footage so interesting is that it was filmed using highly advanced weapon systems from American fighter jets and it appeared to show some kind of aerial objects displaying flight capabilities far beyond what is known to exist.

Given the unofficial leaking of the footage, the video’s origins were always accompanied with doubt, speculation, and rumor…  But things are different now.

The United states department of defense has recently authenticated, declassified, and officially released these videos and they did so while fully disclosing that they are unable to explain the aerial objects being tracked by their fighter jets.

Tonight, on this episode of Nighttime, we are going to be joined by writer and investigative journalist MJ Banias and he is going to tell us exactly what’s up with the Pentagon and UFOs.


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