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Who or What Keeps Appearing in the Sky Above Candice and Onagottay!? (Kingston, ON UFO Experiencers)

It started with a post to the UFOs Above Canada discussion group on facebook…

Im wondering if there are any people living in Kingston, Ontario. Since December 3, 2020 we have been taking pictures of crafts over our house. Up to 22 craft at once. I also have pics of craft with hatches open and small orbs flying out of them. We are 2 older people who were not looking for this experience, it came to us. I am not technically savvy and need a person to help us to identify, examine and file these pictures. If there is anybody in this group who can help we would really appreciate it.”

In this episode, Candice and Onagottay share the details of their bizarre series of UFO experiences that began only months prior.


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