Hot Takes & Hot Ones

The Wildcast Podcast Presented by Alphas Appliance Solutions 

We took this one to a spicy level beginning with the quick question about the hot seat, and ended with maybe a Hot Ones (#NotASponsor) Wildcast Style Challenge. 

Weekly Rewind had us focusing on 2 of the 3 games this past weekend, where the Wildcats took 3 of 6 points, but could they have had more? We look ahead to weekend where we’re headed to SJ for a concert and a hockey game breaks out, and Val-d’Or comes to town!

Eric Murray Realtor #StickTapOfTheWeek

Rosemary Lynns Massage & Spa Wildcast Wildcat of the Week 


* Quite Possibly the funniest story in Wildcast history from Boucher


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