Episode 5242: Wrestling's Operations Officer!
#RingRust with my #TurningPoint #CrownJewel & #AEWfullGear chat… I also Throw Some Ys, to paraphrase a local wrestler’s old theme song… then I go to an *awful* lot of effort, for a throwaway joke… & I celebrate the Cream of the WWE Hall of Fame Crop, in this week’s #3WayDanceOff! #TagMeIn 
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0:05:00 Pay-Per-Review: Impact Wrestling’s Turning Point 1
0:06:09 Musicular Interlude 1
0:14:04 Pay-Per-Review: Impact Wrestling’s Turning Point 2
0:14:42 Musicular Interlude 2
0:21:04 Pay-Per-Review: Impact Wrestling’s Turning Point 3
0:23:58 Musicular Interlude 3
0:33:56 Pay-Per-Review: WWE’s Crown Jewel 1
0:35:39 Musicular Interlude 4
0:48:20 Assuming the Intermissionary Position
0:53:41 This Week’s Macho Fact
1:04:35 Pay-Per-Review: WWE’s Crown Jewel 2
1:05:51 Musicular Interlude 5
1:14:23 This Week’s 3-Way Dance-Off: Funky Like a Monkey #HappyBirthday! 
1:23:12 Pre-Per-View: All Elite Wrestling’s Full Gear 1
1:24:12 Musicular Interlude 6
1:32:12 Pre-Per-View: All Elite Wrestling’s Full Gear 2
1:33:30 Musicular Interlude 7
1:40:47 Wrestlecrap: Brandi Rhodes Versus Jade Cargill: the Epic Debate?
1:42:20 Musicular Interlude 8

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