Life From Lost To Found

We all feel lost at some point in our lives. Big life changes can cause us to question who we are, and what are purpose is. Michelle wants you know that you’re not alone, and that feeling lost is an opportunity to find your authentic self. She’s got great advice that will help you remember how strong you are whenever you’re feeling lost, and will help you find the path that you’re meant to walk.

Michelle McIntyre is a fitness instructor who wants to share her most treasured advice and motivation with you! Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Michelle will show you fantastic ways to build your body, including your abs, butt, and more! Michelle will make fitness fun, even if you’re brand new to squats, bicep curls, or cardio. She loves to uplift anyone who’s on their own fitness journey! Her motivational style will inspire you to love yourself, your body, and your life! Join her bi-weekly for new episodes.

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