The Life Changing Power of Choice

There’s no greater power that we have as humans than the power of choice. This week Michelle plays storyteller to show us the life changing, and life affirming, power of making choices. Our choices shape not just who we are, but our world around us as well. From decisions about your personal fitness and nutrition, to the giant life altering moments that define us, it all comes down to choice.

Michelle McIntyre is a fitness instructor who wants to share her most treasured advice and motivation with you! Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Michelle will show you fantastic ways to build your body, including your abs, butt, and more! Michelle will make fitness fun, even if you’re brand new to squats, bicep curls, or cardio. She loves to uplift anyone who’s on their own fitness journey! Her motivational style will inspire you to love yourself, your body, and your life! Join her bi-weekly for new episodes.

Want to get in touch, or workout with Michelle?
Website: fitbitchmichelle.wordpress.com

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