Episode 3: It’s Never Too Late To Start Making Art with Heather Samson

Heather is a paediatric and research nurse by profession, and a mom, a grandmother, and a wife married to her high school sweetheart for 34+ years! Her yoga and art journey started a few years back when she had attended my first SHE workshops (then called Feminine Magic). In this episode you will learn Heather’s defining moment in her “SHE” Journey, how “I am not ready” is perhaps your cue that you are, and how her SHE Quest work travels with her wherever she goes and has become indispensable!

Heather was receiving many sign that she should make “self care” a priority. Through my membership program SHE Quest, Heather carved out a space and time and made it a priority and has not looked back. She’s learned over the years that you don’t just “do” but “feel” yoga and art. It’s helped her to have tools when times are stressful, busy and you think you don’t have time – self care priority comes back full force to say” “that’s my time!” I’m still here …. I AM important.”

She attended the France retreat in 2019 and describes it as a magical soulful mindful week of yoga, art, music, journaling, nourishing food, and 12 new friendships – made in a castle in the South of France no less – now that’s self care!

Heather is now a SHE Quest leader helping moderate and support the group!

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